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Archaeological Survey

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Archaeological sites normally expand across a large area and accurate data from your survey is important to determine whether or not to carry out an excavation.


GeoMax can help you to collect accurate data to help pinpoint the position of excavation and prevent destroying any of the archaeological evidence. 

Advantages of GeoMax

The advantage of switching to GeoMax X-PAD Software is that you will b be able to produce accurate data in no time.

Combining the X-PAD Ultimate field software with the X-PAD Fusion office software allows you to directly transfer data from the field to the office. The X-PAD Fusion software allows you to integrate geospatial data form any TPS, GNSS, scanners and other sensors into a single programme allowing you to create all your required documents, brand them with your company logo and email it directly to your customers.

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Survey Max is an authorised GeoMax dealer and can help you identify the ideal equipment for your project

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Survey Max is a fully authorised distributor for Geomax International, part of the Hexagon group of companies.

Archaeological Dig
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