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GeoNet Network RTK Correction Service

Why choose 

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  • GeoNet is a real-time GNSS correction (RTK) service that delivers high-quality data to GNSS receivers around Europe. 

  • GeoNet is fully compatible with all models of network-capable rovers, a wide variety of subscription options are available depending on country and market

  • GeoNet delivers high-accuracy positioning to professional surveying and engineering applications such as land surveys, engineering surveys, GIS and mapping. GeoNet also removes the need for individual base stations, dramatically increasing production and safety.

  • GeoNet handles signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galllieo and BeiDou satellites.

  • GeoNet is managed by geodesy experts in conjunction with latest server and NTRIP technology, monitored 24/7, ensuring a precise and reliable always on service.

GeoNet in Great Britain

  • In UK GeoNet uses exclusively the Ordnance Survey (OS Net) base station infrastructure. 

  • OS Net is a highly accurate and resilient network of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) base stations across Great Britain.

  • OS Net is designated critical national infrastructure and is protected as such.

  • As a commercial partner of Ordnance Survey we use the same data feed from OS Net surveyors, processed and delivered through robust software and geodetic professionals.

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