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GeoMax laser rotators are suitable for a wide range of applications.

X-PAD 365 Cloud Platform 

One platform, endless services

X-PAD 365 is GeoMax's cloud platform. It allows you can manage all your data, hardware and software in one easy-to-use tool. Manage your data and assets anytime, anywhere and communicate in real-time with people in the field and in the office.

Benefits of X-PAD 365 Cloud Platform 

  • Access to X-PAD 365 web portal

  • Run a collaborative survey session 

  • Access to the Assets manager

  • Access to the Technical resources

  • Manage backup and restore

  • Information about the storage area 

Introducing X-CHAT

  • It offers a communication channel between X-PAD 365 users

  •  It’s fully integrated in X-PAD Ultimate & X-PAD Fusion

  • Through X-CHAT is possible to exchange messages and files among single users and groups of users.

Communicate between field to field and field to office in real-time

Would you like to try X-PAD 365 for yourself?

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