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Ensure ultimate reliability with GeoMax GNSS systems.


The GeoMax Zenius800 field controller uses the latest technology to achieve the high accuracy results and maximum efficiency required for on-site success. BIM and CAD files are quickly uploaded and easily edited. With an IP67 rating, the Zenius800 operates reliably despite adverse environmental conditions. The water-repellant touchscreen is unaffected by water or dust, making sure it works when you do.

Get any task done

GNSS or TPS, stakeout or topographical survey - the Zenius800 is the optimal datalogger for every task in the field. The high-performance octa-core processor ensures the data appears on the tablet screen in seconds. A clear 8” display makes working with design and 3D files simple and convenient. Make changes directly in the field so no need to go back to the office.

Your perfect match in the field

The dedicated GeoMax field software X-PAD Ultimate and the Zenius800 are the perfect match when it comes to your everyday job in the field. X-PAD Ultimate provides the perfect balance between clear structure, straightforward workflows and high functionality. Through close cooperation with key-users, it is always up-to-date. The software runs on the Zenius800 as well as on any other AndroidTM device.


Never lose connection

The tablet’s internal Bluetooth connects to robotic total stations with radio handle up to a radius of 300m. This allows an uninterrupted remote workflow due to the stable Bluetooth connection.

With you until the end

Once the data is collected, it can be imported into GeoMax X-PAD Fusion. This office software has the versatility and flexibility to fuse all data types from GeoMax sensors and other 3rd party sources such as drones.

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