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We provide innovative measurement equipment

Zoom95 Robotic Total Station

The perfect one-person total station to help you digitise and future proof your construction and surveying sites. 

With the STReAM360 technology, the Zoom95 easily and quickly finds, locks and traces the prism:

  • Scout: Vertical laser fan is emitted from the rotating instrument. As soon as reflections from a prism are received, the Zoom95 accurately aims towards this prism.

  • TRack: The target is being continuously tracked. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast moving targets.

  • AiM: The Zoom95 aims accurately at any prism, without the need to look through the telescope.

Manage your data with X-PAD software 

Alongside our hardware, GeoMax offers a full suite of X-PAD software solutions that delivers flexibility, ease of use and savings in time and costs.

Customise the software to suit the way you work by adding different modules to our office and field software.

Software packages

X-PAD Fusion – All-in-one office software

X-PAD field software – Intuitive, flexible, modern

X-PAD 365 – One platform, endless services

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